How to Build a 100% Virtual Financial Services Practice – The Virtual Advisor Series

What does the future of financial services look like and what can financial advisors do to help create, as well as benefit from this future? Will the bricks & mortar setup still be relevant in a post-COVID world? Financial advisors might be asking themselves, “How do I build a 100% virtual financial services practice?”

How to Build a 100% Virtual Financial Services Practice

Derek discusses these pertinent questions and more with Vice President of Advisor Development at advisors Excel, Brad Johnson. Brad is committed to helping financial advisors worldwide transition from bricks & mortar to digital during global pandemics and beyond.

It was only fitting that Brad featured Derek on ‘The Virtual Advisor Series‘, since Derek was one of the first financial advisors in the United States to go virtual back in 2013.

The Virtual Advisor Series provides education to financial advisors, on how they can use:

  • Digital marketing to increase sales.
  • A virtual office culture to increase productivity.
  • Leadership to improve operations.
  • Technology to stay ahead of the curve.

Derek and Brad discussed the benefits of a 100% virtual financial services practice, what tools empower advisors in making the transition from bricks and mortar setups easier, what challenges Derek face along the way, and the process of growing a relationship with a potential new client virtually.

Watch the episode with Brad below

If you aren’t familiar or aware of the virtual financial advisor movement then you can learn more about the age of the virtual financial advisor here.

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