Turn Authority into Influence: Using Unconventional Marketing, Live Appearances, Podcasting, and More!

Guest post by Eric Brotman.

In a crowded marketplace flooded with new media, standing out from the competition is now more difficult than ever. Gone are the days of print ads, cold calls, and pounding the pavement, making way for a new age of creative digital strategies. However, by using unconventional marketing methods, you can turn your authority into influence.

With content marketing currently reigning supreme, understanding how to turn your authority into influence in a meaningful way that generates new clients and solidifies client trust is key. Let’s explore how unconventional marketing, live appearances, podcasting, and other innovative strategies can amplify your reach and reputation in the financial sector.

Unconventional Marketing

Unconventional marketing doesn’t follow the textbook. Instead, it focuses on creative, out-of-the-box strategies that make a lasting impression.

Because marketing has always gone hand-in-hand with sales, breaking away from the traditional sales message can actually make you stand out. Rather than the hard sell, we need to be offering value.

Free, accessible content that educates and influence your target market is far more effective than the old “buy this” sales pitch because it leads with your authority and positions you as an expert, garnering trust in those looking for an advisor. These tactics can include creating e-books, seminars, and webinars that explore a specific topic in easy-to-follow, jargon-free language.

Live Appearances

Live appearances offer a chance to engage with your audience personally, answering their questions and establishing a human connection.

Whether it’s at an industry conference, workshop, or local event, speaking opportunities reinforce your expertise and give you opportunities to network with an audience with whom you’ve already earned respect.


Podcasts have surged in popularity and have an incomparable power to connect with those who listen to them.

Whether you launch your own show or guest on existing ones, podcasts can elevate you as a thought leader, highlight your expertise in front of a wide–yet targeted–audience, and help you influence or form connections and build trust with your ideal clients. Additionally, they add powerful SEO keywords and searchable content to your website, helping to drive traffic to your virtual storefront.

Social Media

Social media isn’t just for influencers or celebrities. Financial advisors can use these platforms to share valuable content and insights and to connect with a broader audience.

By leveraging short-form video content, you can reach thousands of viewers with bite-sized financial tips or timely messages.

Other content, like infographics or articles, can be shared and reshared as you educate an engaged and growing audience.


A published book is perhaps the surest way to elevate yourself as an authority. By choosing a niche topic that you’re passionate about, you can display your expertise and personality while making a public name for yourself in the industry.

Now, publishing a book with the intention of retiring on the royalties will lead to a lot of disappointment when you look at your sales numbers. Instead, think of your book as an investment in your authority and use it to elevate yourself as a thought leader.

“I published a book on that topic” still holds a great amount of power.

Collaboration over Competition

As you try out new marketing strategies, look for other advisors who are already succeeding at creating engaging content. While we are taught that other firms are our competition, we need to reframe our thinking and realize that what we offer–as a firm and as an individual–is unique.

Find a firm that lags in an area in which you excel while filling a gap you’ve found in your own business model. Trading referrals, forming partnerships, and collaborating on educational content can boost both your firm’s growth and influence.

Clients will choose the advisors that best suit them, and access to the internet gives them nearly endless choices. By collaborating with other advisors whose specialties or target audiences mesh well with yours, you can expand your reach and position yourself not only as an expert, but as an authentic and caring human.

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