Riskalyze Advisor Appreciate Award

The Golden Thread That Leads To Recognition – It is through trust that we find appreciation

The sharp-eyed financial advisor will note a single golden thread weaved through the last few blogs and podcasts that I’ve had the pleasure to attend and host. It is a thread that I tug ever so often, not because it is part of the very foundation of our services and offers, but because it is fundamentally part of us being human.

You may be thinking it’s the human element, and in a way, you’re right. But beyond even that is something more, and that, my dear reader, is the thread of trust.

You see when given trust, and when you understand the burden of its weight – for the aspect of trust should not be taken lightly – you will find an appreciation that accompanies that vow.

Yes, trust is a vow.

It is a sacred promise that you will not deceive. You will not mislead. And you, most certainly, will not waver.

In a recent Rethink Podcast, we spoke at length about trust within the financial industry, and without giving too much away, it’s safe to say that our guest speaker explains the need for the dynamic to change between the advisor and the client.

The appreciation that follows a foundation of trust is a lifetime commitment, but did you know that even more can be achieved by having both trust and appreciation?

Beyond trust and appreciation is recognition

The Riskalyze Award

You’ll read about award-winning financial organizations and financial advisors of the year – but what you won’t read is about the work and commitment that these top organizations and advisors put into all that they do. 

We all want to be recognized for our work, and let me tell you that when you chase awards, the awards will elude you. However, the awards will undoubtedly follow when you strive to be the best version of yourself, the best advisor for your clients.

Recently, I received an email with these words: “At the end of each year, our team nominates those we’ve noticed doing exceptional work in the profession and who we love to work with. We then review as a leadership team to select the winners. You’ve led exceptionally well, and we hope this small token shows how much we and so many others appreciate you.”  This email came out of nowhere and was a most pleasant surprise, one that confirmed that my work was making a difference. People are listening. Change is happening.

If you follow me on LinkedIn, you’ll notice that I was recently recognized with the Advisor Appreciation Award as one of ‘The Creators: These champions of content are best known for their thought leadership and insightful materials developed for the benefit of the profession.’

Through a selection process done internally at Riskalyze among their entire leadership team, I was surprised to receive this honor. I later discovered that this nomination and vote happens beyond any advisor’s knowledge, yet they make their selection by looking at the entire US market.

Furthermore, this industry-leading fintech company hosts over 20,000 financial advisors, and thus winning an award here isn’t a small feat.

I remember writing this post for Riskalyze: Advisor of the Future: Empowering the Fearless Mindset. Again, this is a key example of how trust opens up appreciation and recognition.

It all begins with the human element, and that is based on trust

So, you should know that all relationships must start with trust, whether you’re in this industry to make money, make a difference, or any other reason specific to you.

You don’t need to chase appreciation, and you most certainly don’t need to look for recognition – while both are nice to have, I promise you that all of this will come with the right foundation, mindset, and desire to help others.

For now, keep putting your clients first, and become the best advisor you can be.

Put good in, get good out.



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