The biggest challenge in wealth management with Derek Notman and Adam Holt (Ep 50)


What’s the biggest challenge in wealth management today?  Is it just one thing?  Join Adam and Derek as they ask 10 different thought leaders what they think the biggest challenges are regarding wealth management, and what they’re doing to overcome them.  From bringing in the next generation of advisors to financial literacy we dig into the brilliant insights of our guests in this fast paced conversation to mark the release of our 50th episode of Rethink!

In this episode Adam and Derek chat about the following regarding wealth management:

  • Bringing in new talent

  • Deepening client relationships with Alternatives

  • The importance of a holistic peace of mind process

  • Distribution planning

  • A lack of financial education

  • Paying more attention to the digital client experience and AI

  • Mentorship programs

  • Accessing your data

  • Realtime Wealth Management

  • Differentiation as an advisor

  • And lots more!


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