Simplifying how financial advisors connect with clients on The Customer Wins podcast

Our founder, Derek Notman, was recently invited to sit down with the host of The Customer Wins podcast, Richard Walker, to discuss the challenges that financial advisors face, how Couplr is helping people connect with financial advisors, why he became a financial advisor, achieving work-life balance, and how AI is impacting the customer experience.

The Customer Wins podcast explores how companies thrive when their customers win. Business leaders share their secrets and techniques for a customer-focused approach that leads to business growth, how they’re delivering a great customer experience, and the challenges they face in growing their own company. 

As the Founder and CEO of Couplr and WealthManagement.com’s Wealthies Rising Star of the Year 2022, Derek sat down with Richard to talk about his journey helping match and connect consumers with the right financial advisor for their situation and circumstance.

How Couplr is helping people

In this episode, we talk about creating a mutually beneficial relationship between consumers and qualified financial advisors. Many financial advisors actually fail in their first three years of practice because they don’t know how to build relationships with their clients based on trust. Money is a very personal and private thing, though, and opening up in order to get advice is not going to happen with just anybody.

Enter Couplr. We recognize that the advisor-client relationship is a two-way street. Advisors need a better way to generate leads, and clients need a better way to find the right advisor who they’re willing to share all their financial skeletons with. I walked this path myself as a new advisor back in the day. When I started out in Vermont, I had literally just moved there and didn’t know a single soul. It was tough and lead gen was my biggest obstacle.

I don’t want to give it all away – you’ll have to go and give the episode a listen for the full story. Here are some highlights you can expect from the episode:

  • A better way to run my business for work-life balance
  • The fear of failure 
  • How to prioritise, especially as a parent
  • Instilling an entrepreneurial mindset
  • The impact of AI on customer experience
  • The importance of understanding human psychology as an advisor
  • Connecting on a human level with your clients
  • The leader and mentor who inspires me.

The Customer Wins

So, head on over to The Customer Wins to give it a listen.

Sending positive vibes your way,

Derek Notman

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