Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast Episode 40 with Evelyn Jacks

Are you ready for a global financial disruption?  Featuring Evelyn Jacks (Ep 40)


Have you prepared your practice and clients for a global financial disruption?  The world is experiencing economic despair, rising interest rates, fallout from covid/remote work, an aging population, falling tax revenues, global unrest, wage pressure, cost of eggs, political unrest, wars, famine, avian flu, ChatGPT, the list goes on!  Join us for an insightful discussion with Evelyn Jacks on how to best position & prepare yourself, your firm, and your clients to best deal with the multitude of prevailing headwinds we’re all facing.

Evelyn, Adam & Derek discuss:

  • Holistic disruption – clients are concerned about losing their wealth and need someone to tell them it’s going to be OK
  • How prepared are your client’s terminal net worth statements, especially when it comes to fees, taxes, and inflation?
  • Real wealth management – sustainable wealth across generations
  • Being more multidisciplinary with your team and CE to better serve clients 
  • “Do not expect today’s success to make you successful in the future”
  • Keeping up with change, digitization, business model evolution, etc. or becoming irrelevant
  • And lots more!


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