Rethink: The Financial Advisor Podcast Episode 17

Episode 17: The Significance of Advice in a Sustainable Sales Practice featuring Joe Jordan

“The DNA of financial services is very left-brain and analytical, and it’s all about numbers. Always remember that when it comes to financial advice, it’s not the story of numbers. It is the number of stories,” profound words by renowned author and behavioral finance expert, Joe Jordan.

A lot of relearning is required as many financial advisors began their careers in some form of sales over process culture. The migration must happen towards a new methodology for success as we move towards clients who expect more from their advisors. It’s all about running a sustainable advisory practice.

Joe Jordan has first-hand knowledge on this subject, and his thoughts and opinions pack incredible weight.

Find out more in this episode, as Adam and I rethink what it means to run a sustainable advisory practice.

We bring Joe Jordan into the Rethink tank to share his profound vignette phrases and wealth of experience in the power of attitude and perspective in delivering financial guidance.

To summarize, Joe Jordan discusses:

  • The power in taking a client-centric approach
  • The advisor evolution from a sales culture to a service culture
  • The importance of taking a story-first approach in advising
  • The value in helping your clients find a vocation in retirement
  • And more


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About Joe Jordan:

Joe Jordan, inspirational speaker and behavioral finance expert, is the author of the award-winning book Living a Life of Significance (Acanthus Publishing, 2013). He was a senior vice president at MetLife. He was responsible for retail product development and started their fee-based financial planning program and behavioral finance department. Joe is also a founder of the Insured Retirement Institute and has been featured on the cover of Life Insurance Selling magazine.


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