Rethink: The Financial Advisor Podcast – Moving Firms – Captive vs IBD vs RIA – featuring Ryan Shanks

As you know, these podcasts are about us Rethinking what it takes to be a financial advisor in the 21st century. With 9 out of 10 financial advisors failing within three years, we look at the most pertinent issues to support our advisor community, especially during significant industry shifts.

And as the industry shifts occur, more and more professionals are considering or are in the process of moving firms.

This, of course, sparks an ever-common question: What type of firm is best for a financial professional in today’s advisory world?

  • Is it captive or independent?
  • Is it insurance, wealth management or a registered investment advisor?
  • Is it a hybrid?
  • Is it some combination?

In this episode, Adam Holt and I speak with Ryan Shanks, co-founder of FA Match, where we discuss what financial professionals are moving towards and leaving behind.

We also discuss the motivations for both firms and advisors to affiliate with modern practices and rebuild legacy platforms.

To summarize, Ryan, Adam and I discuss:

  • The typical profiles of advisors who are looking to make a move
  • The things advisors tend to consider before making a move
  • Solidifying your brand vs your firm
  • Steps you should consider before making a move
  • And so much more

Also of interest are the polls we ran on LinkedIn around this topic, see the results below on how your fellow advisors feel about it all.


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About Our Guest:

Ryan has over 21 years of experience in financial services. Before FA Match, he served in a leadership role for two Independent Broker-Dealers, where he managed national recruiting and internal succession strategies. Since 2000, he has managed and helped negotiate the transition of more than $200M in commission and advisory revenue.

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