Rethink. The Financial Advisor Podcast Episode 31

Is financial advice an Industry or Profession?  Featuring Kobus Kleyn on the latest Rethink The Financial Advisor Podcast Episode 31.


Join us for this fun and insightful conversation with renowned advisor & thought leader Kobus Kleyn.  Kobus is well respected not only in his homeland, South Africa, but globally as a professional driving advisors forward.  A big part of this is his mission to help transform our industry into a profession.  Learn more about why this is some important and also how he is all-in with being a Virtual advisor and how he did it in 100 days!

Kobus, Adam & Derek discuss:

  • How Kobus got started
  • His addiction to South Africa
  • Why it’s vitally important for advisors to shift from being in an industry to embracing our profession
  • His experience with the pandemic and how he used it to transform his business to that of 99% virtual while traveling the world
  • And lots more!


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You are able to listen to the full podcast here.