Rethink: The Financial Advisor Podcast Episode 30

Cut the Tie!  Is Advisor Attire dated? Rethink the Financial Advisor Podcast Episode 30 Featuring Derek Notman & Adam Holt.


Power suit, Power Tie, Power Windows….is this what advisors have to project (wear) to be successful?  Join Adam & Derek as they discuss the history of advisor attire and how it’s not like the past anymore.  A fun chat that stemmed from a viral LinkedIn post where Derek cut his tie off and even got Sir Richard Branson to comment!

Adam & Derek discuss the following in Rethink the Financial Advisor Podcast Episode 30:

  • Stories from the past
  • The acceptable norm -what we used to wear and what we wear now
  • Viral LinkedIn post on cutting a neck tie off
  • How you dress says something about you
  • How being authentic and stating a position that can be debated is great for marketing and brand building
  • How being genuine is what people really want over nice clothes and flashy toys
  • And lots more!


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