Rethink: The Financial Advisor Podcast – Advisor vs Entrepreneur – featuring Robert Sofia

What leads to long-term scalability for a Financial Advisor Entrepreneurship, and more importantly, is it opportunity-based or mindset-based?

Perspective is a tricky road to travel, but you directly map out your journey by mapping your thoughts.

You may think you’re just an advisor with entrepreneurial aspects to your business, or you may feel that you’re the opposite: An entrepreneur with advisory elements to your practice.

You can be both. Listen to this podcast to find out how.

In this episode, Adam Holt and I speak through the talking points of our conversation with Robert Sofia, who has, to date, assisted more than 6,000 advisors ‘blend out’ from traditional forms of financial advisories towards entrepreneurship-led powerhouses.

Beginning with looking beyond surface key performance indicators (KPIs) and unlocking a treasure-trove of opportunities, rethinking starts with redefining your financial business model. 

To summarize, Robert, Adam and I discuss:

  • If being a financial advisor is the same thing as being an entrepreneur
  • Opportunities that advisors are missing
  • Things you can be doing to think of yourself as an entrepreneur
  • Lifestyle businesses versus enterprises and how to position yourself once you know what you want to be
  • And so much more


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About Our Guest:

“I believe in putting people ahead of profits, obsessing over details, taking risks, working hard, and giving back.” – Robert Sofia

During the past decade, Robert has supported thousands of companies across the spectrum of financial services, including solo advisers, ensembles, family offices, broker-dealers, custodians, TAMPs, insurance companies, and others.

11. Rethink: Advisor vs. Entrepreneur featuring Robert Sofia

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