Rethink: The Financial Advisor Podcast Episode 14

Episode 14: Advisor Bias in Distribution Planning featuring Ramsey Smith

  • Will the financial well dry up once your clients retire?
  • What about a fail-safe to survive another pandemic?
  • Are you looking to just maintain your client’s lifestyle in retirement, or do you want your clients to thrive?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself, and at the same time, put yourself in your client’s shoes. Does the advice you give come with bias?

One of the main goals and pain points addressed by financial professionals like you is the sustainability of retirement spending.  With all of the effort placed on accumulation funding, the demographics of the global population dictate that distribution planning will become the hottest topic in the next decade. 

Concerns about mortality, interest rates, inflation, dividend yields, real estate, and pensions require serious rethinking of how to deliver on the fundamental question of advisory clients around outliving their money.  The challenge is that we picked up a lot of dis- and misinformation on what’s worked and will work going forward.  This creates advisor bias and can impact the recommendations leading to questions of sustainability of retirement spending. 

In light of this, do you have a bias on how to generate income for your clients in retirement?

Find out more in this episode, as Adam Holt & I rethink advisor bias, specifically on retirement income certainty.  Adam and Derek invite Ramsey Smith, CEO of Alex.fyi and retirement distribution expert, into the Rethink Tank for some insights & guidance on this topic and how it impacts the industry both now and in the future.

To summarize, Adam and I discuss:

  • What is the income certainty space?
  • The emotional certainty of pensions
  • Income vehicles that are popular today
  • The future of qualified plan options
  • The challenge with annuities and historical bias on the term
  • And more
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14. Rethink: Advisor Bias In Distribution Planning featuring Ramsey Smith

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