Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast Episode 35

Does your advice suck?  Featuring Carl Richards in the Financial Advice Podcast Episode 35.


“Your advice is not as good as you think.” – Derek and Adam have a unique debate on how we can rethink the advice profession even more. Do we have our titles right?  Are 30-year retirement projections a righteous trick?  Are financial professionals even listening? Join us for this fun, cheeky, and insightful chat featuring Carl Richards’ insightful commentary on the state of the advice profession.

Carl, Adam & Derek discuss:

  • How Carl got into the financial industry by mistake
  • What is a real financial planner? 
  • The neverending alignment of your use of capital (time money energy and attention) with what’s important to your clients = real financial advice.  Everything else is a righteous trick.
  • Real financial advice is under no threat of fee compression or going away.  Being more human = solution to perceived threat
  • How to be curious longer to give better advice/solutions.
  • Are your clients climbing the wrong ladder?
  • And lots more!


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