Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast Episode 33

Are you stuck between self and best interest?  Featuring Amit Dogra (Ep 33)


Amit Dogra is nothing if he isn’t passionate!   For Amit’s early days at HighTower to now running TruIndependence he’s had an interesting journey that’s led him to some strong beliefs on how we can improve our profession.  Join us for a fun and passionate conversation!

Amit, Adam & Derek discuss:

  • Why advisors are leaving mainstream firms in record numbers
  • How advisors need to up their marketing game
  • Why a Virtual/Remote presence is so important and the future of the profession
  • How to attract new advisors into the industry with Brain Incentives
  • Why most Succession Plans are just AUM Grabs
  • Advisors are Entrepreneurs
  • And lots more!


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