Rethink Financial Advice Podcast Episode 32

Are financial advisors gifting dummies?  Featuring Joe Fischer (Ep 32)


Joe Fischer understands what clients want.  He built a business around it to help financial advisors, and many others, send personalized gifts to their clients while being able to do it at scale.  Jump into Rethink Financial Advice Podcast Episode 32 to learn what Joe’s up to and find out if you’re a gifting dummy.

Joe, Adam & Derek discuss:

  • Joe’s background in financial services before traveling the world, climbing a mountain, and becoming an entrepreneur
  • Why being intentional is some important
  • How to think strategically about building a scalable gifting system that’s as automated as possible
  • Tips, tricks, and best practices learned from Joe’s experience helping hundreds of thousands of customers on his gifting platform
  • A special discount for financial advisors to use Greetabl
  • And lots more!


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