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investing in human advice

Why BlackRock is investing in Human Advice featuring Elizabeth Koehler (Ep 54)

Summary: Where is the smart money going?  What is the world’s largest asset manager investing in?  With all the talk of companies investing in AI and a variety of asset classes we wanted to see what the biggest asset manager in the world is doing and what we can learn from them.  Join us as we speak with Elizabeth Koehler, …

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wealth management

The biggest challenge in wealth management with Derek Notman and Adam Holt (Ep 50)

Summary: What’s the biggest challenge in wealth management today?  Is it just one thing?  Join Adam and Derek as they ask 10 different thought leaders what they think the biggest challenges are regarding wealth management, and what they’re doing to overcome them.  From bringing in the next generation of advisors to financial literacy we dig into the brilliant insights of …

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Overcoming innovation anxiety in financial services

Overcoming innovation anxiety in financial services with Adam Holt & Derek Notman (Ep 49)

Why is the financial services industry always slow to innovate? Bob in Idaho recently asked us via a community question “Why is it so hard for new innovation to break into enterprises?”.  Given our background as practicing financial advisors who became fintech CEOs we jumped at the chance to have a conversation about innovation in financial services to share our …

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financial vulnerabilities

Overcoming Financial Vulnerabilities – Featuring Michael Liersch (Ep 48)

Are financial advisors addressing their client’s financial vulnerabilities?  In order for your clients to truly understand and make progress on their financial and life goals we have to help them break through any vulnerabilities they may have when it comes to their money.  Join us as we speak with special guest Michael Liersch as we talk about how difficult it …

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The Future of Agency

The Future of Agency – Featuring Mark Pfaff (Ep 47)

Derek N.H. Notman, CFP® & H. Adam Holt, CFP®, ChFC® asked industry legend Mark Pfaff how & what Agency can do to thrive in the future.  Mark Pfaff started as an agent at New York Life Insurance Company, worked really hard, and ultimately climbed the ranks to become Executive Vice President in charge of Agency. If there ever was someone …

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Communicate Your Higher Calling As A Financial Advisor

Communicating your higher calling – Featuring Chuck Garcia (Ep 46)

How well do you communicate your higher calling as a financial advisor?  Communication is an art form that starts when we seek to understand ourselves and those we are talking with.  Join us as we chat with master communicator Chuck Garcia who spent many years on Wall Street as well as leading communications for global companies like Bloomberg.  Chuck tells …

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financial advice delivery

Tech and regulation will radically change your financial advice delivery Featuring Ian McKenna (Ep 45)

Summary: We are on the cusp of major change.  Is virtual reality, AI or Amazon part of your future business plans? Ian’s unique perspective is global in nature and arguably one of the most diverse given his extensive travels around the world to see what people are doing, or not, in our industry.  Join us as we chat with futurist …

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marketing data

Ignore Marketing Data at Your Own Peril Featuring Samantha Russell (Ep 44)

Summary: Financial advisors rely on data to help their clients, but what happens when they ignore marketing data when it comes to growing their business? The advice & investment management industry & profession is at a pivotal point since they are fungible and hard for consumers to differentiate one advisor from another. There’s no longer an easy button for advisors …

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financial well-being starts day one

Financial Well-Being Starts Day One Featuring Catherine Morgan (Ep 43)

Summary: Is financial well-being legit? Traditionally, there’s been lots of shame in going to speak with a financial advisor since most of us have had no formal financial education.  But there are positive shifts happening towards behavioral finance that are helping people with their financial well-being.  Join us as we chat with recovered financial advisor turned certified financial coach Catherine …

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Advisor-First vs Firm-First Mentality

Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast Episode 42 With David Karr

Advisor-First vs Firm-First Mentality Featuring David Karr (Ep 42) Summary: Does the home office know what’s happening in the field?  Join us as we explore this topic with financial advisor turned Chairman of Equitable Advisors, David Karr.  We dive into advisor-first vs. firm-first mentality, what the future holds for our profession with insights from the home office, and the increasing …

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News Hidden Behind the Headlines

Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast Episode 41 with Cindy Taylor

The News Hidden Behind the Headlines Featuring Cindy Taylor (Ep 41) Summary: What’s really going on in financial services?  We’re bombarded with curated news media that is hyped and often doesn’t cover the non-promoted or unpopular trends often hidden the curtain of hot topics and headlines.   Join us as we speak with industry news & media veteran Cindy Taylor …

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global financial disruption

Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast Episode 40 with Evelyn Jacks

Are you ready for a global financial disruption?  Featuring Evelyn Jacks (Ep 40) Summary: Have you prepared your practice and clients for a global financial disruption?  The world is experiencing economic despair, rising interest rates, fallout from covid/remote work, an aging population, falling tax revenues, global unrest, wage pressure, cost of eggs, political unrest, wars, famine, avian flu, ChatGPT, the …

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