Overcoming Financial Vulnerabilities – Featuring Michael Liersch (Ep 48)

Are financial advisors addressing their client’s financial vulnerabilities?  In order for your clients to truly understand and make progress on their financial and life goals we have to help them break through any vulnerabilities they may have when it comes to their money.  Join us as we speak with special guest Michael Liersch as we talk about how difficult it is to talk to clients about their money and how to connect it with great advice engagement and ultimately product placement.

Michael, Adam, and Derek chat about:

  • Vulnerability of financial conversations (shame/embarrassment/hiding/discomfort/confidence/bias/fear)

  • The role of deliberative thinking and the important role advisors play

  • The best definition of what an advisor does for clients

  • A time tested repeatable process

  • Speaking a language clients can understand in jobs to be done

  • And lots more!


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