Is Goldman Sachs supporting independent advisors? Featuring Richard Lofgren (E55)

Who’s Better Equipped To Serve Clients; Independent Financial Advisors or Large Established Companies?

With the recent sale of United Capital there’s been a lot of talk about what Goldman Sachs is focusing on. Turns out quite a bit including serving independent financial advisors. Join us as we chat with Goldman Sachs Managing Director and US Navy Captain Richard Lofgren to learn what they are doing to support advisors and what advisors should be thinking about to stay relevant and continue to grow.

In this episode Richard, Adam and Derek chat about:

      • Planning is critical for the market
      • Automating to get speed to market
      • Tech ignorance is a career warning light
      • Tech still has no empathy
      • Goldman Sachs as a Service (GSaaS)
      • The similarities between military planning and financial planning
      • The enemy always gets a vote
      • And more!


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