Improving Financial Advice – A LifeBlood Podcast

How do you go about improving financial advice?

You don’t have to ask for personal information on your first call with your client.

As financial advisors, we are trained, mind you, in a traditional methodology that doesn’t speak to reason. We’re asking for clients to trust us with their private details, details that they won’t even share with a colleague or loved one. Asking for a client’s social security number or even birth date does not build the trust and relationship you need to succeed as a financial advisor

There is a better way to do it, and it starts with you.

Find out more in this episode, as George Grombacher & I talked about improving financial advice, why the current model is flawed, a better way to deliver it, and what the future might hold.

Listen to learn why personal branding is here to stay!

To summarize, George and I discuss:

  • Why the traditional way is dead
  • There is a better way to do business
  • What trust really means for you and your clients
  • How connection leads to opportunity
  • And more

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