ReThink Podcast: Human Advisor vs Robo-Advisor

Who’s going to win the human advisor vs robo-advisor battle?

Everything that Conneqtor is and always will be rests on the basis of technological change. The reality is that technology is progressing quicker than we can keep up. This means that, even if we could produce a different software or device everyday, a new one would be ready to replace it, so how do we navigate this reality?

In the financial advisor world, the burning question on all of our minds is ‘Who is going to win? The Financial Advisor or the Robo-Advisor?

In the latest installment of the ReThink Podcast, Adam Holt & Derek Notman explore the intricacies of how robo-advice is changing the financial industry and why it is important for financial advisors to remain competitive. Adam and Derek discuss how the financial advisory industry is not immune to rapid changes in technology from its influence on consumers to how this will direct the behavior of financial advisors.

Here’s what this podcast explores in the human advisor vs robo-advisor battle:

  • The integration of Robo-advice in the financial industry.
  • Human connection and its importance in financial planning.
  • Why advisors will continue to differentiate.
  • Creating your personal identity by leveraging technology.
  • And more
human advisor vs robo advisor

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