Blueleaf: How To Build a Flexible Wealth Management Business That Supports Your Lifestyle and Unlocks Growth – The Podcast

We are a generation of convenience. Earlier this year, I ordered a car on my phone while riding a skateboard, and the car was delivered the next day.

Join this fun conversation between Mike Langford, John Prendergast, the CEO of Blueleaf, and I, as we discuss brunch, the wasting of time, Boston drivers, and how to build a flexible wealth management business that supports your lifestyle and unlocks growth.

Traditionally, building an advisory practice was a full-contact sport. However, things have changed. It is now about offering the ‘default’ choice to your clients, slowly at first. We discuss what may be the perfect approach.

To summarize:

In this episode, we speak about how the pandemic not only unlocked new business models like remote, virtual, and distributed practices that can make your life better and turbocharge your ability to grow, but completely validated that they are indeed possible!

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About Blueleaf:

Blueleaf is a simplified tool for sophisticated automation for wealth management firms to rebalance, accelerate reporting, attend to billing, coupled with invoicing and client engagement processing.

Blueleaf was founded in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis when the volatility of the markets collided with the complexity of the business, and we saw how the old ways of running a practice, and the technology which was meant to help, simply failed.

With the increasing challenges to business, the pressure rises every day. It’s growing at the speed of finance and technology, shifting along with regulation and compliance requirements.

Blueleaf is approved by and integrated with various custodians, broker-dealers and other financial institutions that work with you.


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