How to optimize your Financial Advisor website to drive conversions

When I first started out as a financial advisor, having a website was completely foreign to me. I had been taught to cold call and door knock to get new clients, websites where not promoted at all.  After getting tired of these old tactics and seeing what was possible by having an advisor website I realized I had to have a financial advisor website, period!  This wasn’t up for debate – I had to have the best website possible to attract and convert new clients.

Moreover, when I started Conneqtor, my online coaching & training for Financial Advisors, I knew I had to have a professional website that clearly outlined what I have to offer, how Advisors can benefit from the course, and it had to convert potential leads into sales.

Like me you’re probably wondering how to create your Financial Advisor website and how to get it right. While I don’t recommend trying to build the website yourself – rather leave this to the professionals, unless you know a thing or two about web development – some areas need to be included on your Financial Advisor website if you want it to do its ultimate job: driving conversions.

I’ve learned a ton since getting my first website about 15 years ago.  I will share some best practices and tips for you to optimize your Financial Advisor website.  

Keep in mind that the following tips for your advisor website assume you already know your ideal client (niche).  Without knowing this really well it will be much harder to create content for a great advisor website.

It’s time to learn how to market your services effectively and nurture your leads from the minute they land on your website right through to onboarding.

Think about the user journey

Step number one, before you even begin to think about fonts and layout, is to consider the user journey. This is the ideal journey you want users to go on when they visit your website.

Once they land on the homepage of your Financial Advisor website, where do you want them to go next? Do you want them to first read your About Me (or About Us) section before making contact? To see your pricing and then book a call with you? Or do you want them to read every word on your home page and then only take action? These are all important questions to consider before you build your website.

The design of your website and the calls-to-action (CTAs) you use will help direct users to where you want them to go. But first, you need to know where you want them to go.  Also referred to as a sales funnel.

Spend time thinking about how you would ideally like people visiting your website to behave and build your design around this very journey.

Develop strong and enticing CTAs

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes I see on many Financial Advisor websites is the lack of calls-to-action (CTAs), or too many of them. These CTAs are how you direct users as to where to go next. Typically, CTAs are in the form of a button. Take a look below at two CTA buttons I have on my Conneqtor website:

These clearly state what I want users to do when they visit my website.

Using descriptive, compelling text in your CTA buttons is a good idea rather than just a generic “click here.” Users want to know exactly where they’re headed if they click one of your CTAs on your Financial Advisor website, so make sure this is made clear to them.  Also, make sure it leads them to value and not clickbait.  Give your website visitors what they want, not what you want.

Use a sticky header

What’s a sticky header? Probably not what you just imagined! A sticky header is essentially when the header (top menu bar) of a website follows you as you scroll down the page.

No matter where users are on your website, with a sticky header, they can easily access your menu at any point to click on where they want to go next.

Over 50% of website visitors will leave a website that isn’t easy to navigate. A sticky header makes it easy for users to quickly find what they’re looking for and – ideally – get in touch with you from wherever they are on your website.

In other words, once they make the decision to work with you, you need to make it as easy as possible for them to take the next step and convert into scheduling a meeting with you.

If you visit my website and scroll through the content on the home page, you’ll notice that my menu at the top of the page follows you the whole way.  My RIA website does the same thing. This is vital to include in the build of your Financial Advisor website.

Keep speed in mind

When was the last time you visited a website that’s just taken too long to load and ended up leaving the site? I certainly have.

There’s nothing more annoying than when a website loads slowly or not properly! In fact, over 50% of people say they will leave a website if it takes more than six seconds to load.

If you want potential clients to visit your Financial Advisor website and actually stay until they convert, it’s vital that your website loads quickly and completely in just a few seconds.  Having slow load times will increase your “bounce rate”.  Google and other search engines look at this metric, the higher the bounce rate the lower they rank your website in search results.

You can use this tool from Google to test the current speed of your website. I strongly suggest you speak to whoever is developing your website to ensure they prioritize your site’s speed.

Optimize for mobile

Did you know that over 60% of website traffic comes from mobile devices? With there being over one billion 5G connections worldwide by 2025, it’s absolutely essential that your Financial Advisor website is optimized for mobile.

Optimizing your website to be viewed on a mobile device involves tweaking the design and using special code to ensure your website loads optimally.  Don’t worry, this isn’t something you need to learn how to do.  But you need to know it’s important to make sure your website vendor is on top of it.

CTA buttons are incredibly important for mobile websites as they show people where to tap to continue their user journey. Also known as tap targets, CTA buttons on mobile websites tell users where to go – versus a desktop experience where you can see what’s clickable and what isn’t. So, again, it’s really important to nail those CTAs!

Create good content

The last and perhaps one of the most vital things you must include in your Financial Advisor website to see success is good content. Content refers to the text on your website.  Content creation is an art & science, don’t underestimate the power of it but also that it takes work and consistency to get the most out of it.

Your content should include plenty of keywords that your ideal clients are likely to search for online, which will (hopefully) lead them to your page.

Moreover, your content should convince the reader as to why they should work with you.  And then what steps they need to take to make that happen.

Above all else, though, your content needs to strike up a balance between sales copy and valuable content.

Of course, the website sells your services and financial products, so the content would be somewhat sales-orientated. However, you don’t want to bombard users with so much sales-speak that they bounce off your website. Instead, you want to entice them with content that is valuable to them.  Showcase how you’re an expert at what you do.

Just like your practice should adopt an advice-led approach, your Financial Advisor website should reflect this too.

I initially created all of my own content under the direction of a digital marketing coach.  It took months to find my voice.  But if you don’t do this then it will be a waste of time & money to hire a professional copywriter to write the content for your website. They need to know your tone, style, etc. so they can mimic it.  Eventually they will take over the bulk of your blogging, copy, etc.

They’ll also know how to optimize your copy for search engines, also known as SEO (search engine optimization), which we teach a lot about in my Conneqtor Coaching course.

Wrapping up on high-converting Financial Advisor websites

Your website will likely be one of your biggest investments. After all, it’s how you’re going to attract prospects and gently nudge them through your sales funnel.  Only then canl they convert into paying clients.

It’s absolutely imperative that you get these six aspects in mind when working with a web vendor & developer to ensure that the final product is a masterpiece that’s going to land you your ideal client.  Make sure to check out FMG’s most recent list of their top 15 financial advisor websites for more examples.

For more advice and insights on how to take your financial advisory practice into the 21st century, check out my blog. You can also download my free eBook to find out how you can be a successful Financial Advisor in this digital age, and don’t forget to subscribe to my Rethink. Financial Advice Podcast with Adam Holt.

Until next time, cheers!

Derek Notman

    May 25, 2024

    Authorized Roofing Contractors in Wilmington NC

    Dwelling near the shoreline has many rewards: briny breezes, beautiful scenery and the unmistakable sound of waves pounding along the coast are among them. However, being there also brings special challenges: gales, showers and the persistent salt-laden breeze can affect negatively roofs causing drips, water infiltration and potentially mildew growth beneath slates, thus necessitating employing a expert roof contractor in Wilmington North Carol to resolve these problems properly. That is why possessing availability to dependable roofing contractors in Wilmington North Carol is vital!

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    Roofing experts authorized in Wilmington City must carry insurance and bonding insurance when doing roofing at residences and businesses, to protect homeowners against likely injuries that may occur during a job and ensure their roof is restored or renewed by competent specialists. Additionally, it aids the homeowner validate whether their selected certified roofer has the expertise and ability to deliver high-quality solutions.

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    May 26, 2024

    Improving Property Worth By Substituting Roofs Prior to a Sale

    Renewing roofing could notably increase the value of homes before selling. Prospective purchasers often look for residences having modern or pristine roofing, since they see these as evidence of general upkeep and lower eventual charges. A new roofing can make a property more desirable and fetch an increased offer during sale. Putting money into roof upgrades turns into a wise plan for property owners seeking to enhance their profit on property.

    As a case to consider One resident by the sea decides to renew their roofing before listing their property for selling. The new roof renders the house more attractive to buyers, resulting in several bids an increased final sale price.

    By way of a case in point An house owner recommends a homeowner to replace their old roof with updated supplies. The expenditure in covering upgrade is profitable as the house sells quickly and for a high rate.

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    Licensed Roofing Professionals in Wilmington NC

    Living by the coast has many benefits: sea winds, stunning landscapes and the unmistakable noise of breakers hitting along the coast are among them. However, living there also brings special challenges: gales, showers and the constant salty breeze can affect negatively roofing surfaces causing drips, liquid penetration and potentially mildew development beneath slates, thus necessitating hiring a professional roofer in Wilmington NC to tackle these challenges efficiently. That is why possessing availability to trustworthy roofing professionals in Wilmington North Carolina is crucial!

    Roofing experts certified with the State of NC can evaluate possible concerns and take preventative measures to keep roofs in good order - this could reduce expenses in fixes while providing a safer working environment or living environment for laborers or residents.

    These firms concentrate in home and commercial roof services such as metal roof fittings, spray-on foam roofing jobs, reflective roof coating jobs, tile repair solutions, complete replacements of both house and industrial roofing systems and maintenance services. Furthermore, they can handle fittings for residential associations to meet requirements.

    Roofing experts authorized in Wilmington City must carry coverage and bond coverage when doing roofing at residences and businesses, to safeguard residents against potential injuries that may occur during a job and ensure their roofing system is restored or substituted by qualified experts. Additionally, it assists the homeowner confirm whether their chosen authorized roofing expert has the expertise and ability to offer high-quality services.

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    May 28, 2024

    Licensed Roofing Contractors in Wilmington North Carolina

    Dwelling by the seaside offers many benefits: salty air, stunning scenery and the recognizable sound of surf crashing against the shore are some of them. However, living in such areas also brings unique challenges: gusts, showers and the constant salty atmosphere can harm rooftops causing drips, liquid intrusion and potentially mold formation beneath slates, thus necessitating engaging a expert roof contractor in Wilmington NC to tackle these challenges effectively. That is why having availability to trustworthy roofing experts in Wilmington NC is essential!

    Roofing experts certified with the North Carolina can assess potential problems and take precautionary actions to keep rooftops in good order - this could reduce costs in fixes while offering a safer living environment or job site for inhabitants or laborers.

    These companies concentrate in house and business roof services such as steel roof installs, foam roof applications, cool roof projects, tile repair solutions, full replacements of both residential and commercial roofs and upkeep services. Additionally, they can manage fittings for residential associations to meet requirements.

    Roof experts certified in Wilmington must carry liability and bonding coverage when doing roof work at homes and businesses, to protect residents versus potential damages that may take place during a project and make certain their roof is restored or renewed by qualified specialists. Moreover, it assists the homeowner confirm whether their preferred certified roofer has the knowledge and ability to deliver premium solutions.

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    Preserving Your Roofing in Excellent State c10c58d

    May 29, 2024

    Consistent Servicing Avoids Costly Fixes

    Routine roof maintenance can avert massive and costly restorations if neglected untended for long periods. Little damages such as drips, fissures, or missing shingles could turn into serious issues if neglected. Residents should arrange regular inspections with licensed roof professionals to detect any concerns promptly and resolve them before they grow pricey burdens. Keeping a roof in top shape can lengthen its durability and save homeowners money over time.

    By way of a case in point A resident notices a small leak in their covering and calls a licensed contractor to inspect. The contractor identifies various concerns that might have resulted in major destruction if left unattended. Addressing these concerns quickly saves the property owner thousands of dollars in potential repairs.

    As a situation in point An house owner plans regular examinations for their roof. During one of these checks, the professional finds early signs of deterioration. Routine upkeep performed quickly extends the lifespan of the roofing and prevents expensive repairs later.

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    Authorized Roofers in Wilmington City NC

    Staying near the shore brings many advantages: briny air, stunning vistas and the recognizable echo of surf pounding against the coastline are among them. But being there also presents distinctive difficulties: wind, showers and the ever-present salt-laden air can affect negatively on rooftop covers causing seepage, water penetration and potentially mildew growth under tiles or tiles, thus necessitating engaging an specialist roof contractor in Wilmington North Carol to resolve these challenges efficiently. That is why having access to trustworthy roofers specialists in Wilmington North Carolina is vital!

    Roofers authorized with the State can evaluate likely concerns and take precautionary actions to keep roofs in good condition - this could save expenses in repairs while ensuring a safer working environment or living environment for workers or residents.

    These companies specialize in home and business roof work such as metal roof installations, foam roof applications, cool roof coating jobs, tile repair fixes, entire replacements of both residential and commercial roofs and maintenance tasks. Furthermore, they can manage installations for residential associations to meet requirements.

    Roof contractors authorized in Wilmington City must carry coverage and bonding coverage when executing roof work at houses and businesses, to safeguard residents from potential damages that may take place during a project and make certain their roof is fixed or replaced by qualified experts. Furthermore, it assists the property owner confirm whether their preferred certified roof contractor has the experience and skill to deliver premium services.

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    Guaranteeing Your Rooftop Adheres to Local Development Codes a3203b2

    May 31, 2024

    Expert Roofing Businesses Which Focus on Coastal Coverings

    Shoreline areas display many of Earth’s extremely stunning properties, though their climate also vulnerability to humidity may cause adverse consequences on coverings, such as oxidation, moisture accumulation, as well as weather damage. In order to safeguard these homes against those dangers, homeowners commonly rely on expert roof companies that excel in coastal roofs keeping those unique challenges considered as well as assist property owners choose materials, designs and end products that offer enhanced safeguard against elements.

    Homeowners seeking a covering supplier should make sure they choose a contractor with a superb reputation also pleased patrons, and that hold licenses and insured against employee payment also accountability damages. Moreover, these specialists ought to have sufficient expertise and background for conducting a comprehensive inspection and recommend any essential repairs, as well as giving precise estimates including charges or extra expenses related to the task.

    Good covering contractors provide residents with documented quotes that thoroughly describe the range and charges associated with the work, like supplies necessary and prices. In addition, they ought to offer a minimum of thirty-year quality guarantees and be accessible to respond to any questions that arise during this procedure.

    Even though top covering providers are honest and upfront with the patrons, they should not forceful when making choices. Ahead of making a last decision they ought to take the time to describe all aspects of the project and answer any inquiries from customers prior to coming up with an answer. Similarly they should work within clients' timeframes to make sure completion within the deadline.

    An experienced covering specialist must have strong relationships with local suppliers and have a comprehensive knowledge of local supplies obtainable to acquire, allowing them best prepared to advise items that suit the regional climate and are purchased at a just price. They ought to also be aware of all assurances or guarantees given by makers to help help homeowners enhance their roofing worth.

    Reputable roof contractors employ sophisticated CRM tools to enhance internal processes and increase patron happiness. This software gives live financial oversight and analytics functions, allowing contractors to monitor on earnings, expenses and margins more easily while boosting task management skills and for making better decisions - with increased output, greater profit margins, and better sustainability in mind.

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    May 31, 2024

    Causes Property Owners Want to a Certified Roofing Expert in Wilmington, North Carolina

    Properties by the ocean, including Wilmington, NC, face unique challenges regarding roof upkeep. Employing a qualified roofing company is vital for addressing these challenges and guaranteeing the durability of roofing systems.

    Here are some reasons why real estate companies should think about employing expert roofing solutions in Wilmington, North Carolina:

    Motivations Homeowners Need to a Professionally Licensed Roofer in Coastal NC

    Homes near the shore, including Wilmington, NC, encounter specific issues regarding roof maintenance. Hiring a certified roofing expert is vital for handling these problems and guaranteeing the lifespan of coverings.

    Highlighted are various motivations why homeowners must consider hiring qualified roofing assistance in Wilmington, North Carolina:

    Hurricane Harm Repair

    Seaside regions often experience harsh climates including storms, which can cause significant damage to roofing systems. A qualified company can correctly determine and repair storm damage to prevent further issues.

    Ocean Atmosphere Corrosion Avoidance

    Salty air might result in rust of roofing materials, especially metal roofs. Regular inspections by an expert can find early signs of oxidation and employ protective treatments to prolong the longevity of the roof.

    Dampness Regulation along with Seepage Restoration

    Seaside areas experience high humidity, which may cause water accumulation under roofing materials, causing leaks and structural harm. A professional roofer can handle dampness issues successfully and perform necessary repairs to avert additional harm.

    Adequate Ventilation Installation

    Adequate roofing airflow is vital for averting moisture buildup and ensuring the condition of roof components. A qualified company can implement airflow solutions that fit the particular requirements of coastal homes.

    Resource Understanding plus Suggestions

    Professional roofers hold comprehensive awareness of optimal substances for oceanfront climates. They can recommend options which are resistant to rust, dampness, and gust impacts, maintaining prolonged longevity for roofs.

    Knowing this information is vital because it can save money in the long run. Preventative care and prompt fixes can prevent costly damage and extend the durability of the covering, ensuring the protection of the home in oceanfront locations.

    Seaside regions are prone to temperature including storms, resulting in appreciable damage to roofing systems. A certified expert can correctly determine and restore hurricane-related issues to avert succeeding damage.

    Salt Breeze Oxidation Avoidance

    Salty air probably result in rust of roofing materials, very steel roofs. Periodic examinations by a professional can find initial indicators of rust and employ proactive solutions to prolong the longevity of the roofing.

    Water Regulation and Drip Fix

    Seaside areas experience high humidity, that might cause liquid accumulation beneath coverings, resulting in drips as well as water damage. A pro roofer can handle dampness issues successfully and also required fixes to avoid further damage.

    Proper Ventilation Implementation

    Proper roof venting is essential for avoiding humidity buildup and keeping the integrity of the roofing materials. A registered expert can set up venting mechanisms that match the specific needs of seaside residences.

    Resource Understanding along with Suggestions

    Certified experts possess thorough comprehension of ideal substances for shore environments. They are able to advise materials that are resistant to corrosion, dampness, and the wind damage, ensuring a lengthier lifespan for coverings.

    Discover this insight is crucial since it may possibly decrease costs over time. Assertive service and detailed repairs can avoid pricey damages and enhance the lifespan of the roofing, maintaining the protection of the property in a coast area.

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    Benefits of Steel Roofing for Coastal Houses ec5cd6_

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