Feedspot Feature – Top 100 Financial Advisor Blogs and Websites

I’m so excited to share that my blog has been featured in the Top 100 Financial Advisor Blogs and Websites by Feedspot.

What is Feedspot?

Feedspot It is a content reader tool that curates content in various industries from multiple sources into one feed so that you can stay up to date and informed with the latest news and information. Their goal is to discover and rank popular content such as blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels in niche categories. Their tools empower people to learn and keep track of topics and information that matters to you most. With features such as blogger outreach and influencer marketing, using Feedspot as part of your marketing strategy can make a difference too!

Conneqtor and My Ranking

So, where is the Conneqtor blog ranked? I’m happy to share that my blog is rated at #38 based on my website traffic, social media following, domain authority, and freshness of my content. Do you know what the Conneqtor blog is all about for those new to my site? My blog is all about empowering financial advisors of the 21st century with advice, strategies, fresh and futuristic ideas to build their brands. My goal is to help advisors make more money, work less, and enjoy their careers.

Why Create A Blog?

Having a great website alone does not always provide sufficient information or authority to stand out from the crowd. This is where your blog can shine. Your blog can help position you as a knowledge anchor in your industry – it keeps your audience updated about what is happening in your business. Blogs are also great for driving traffic to your website while building innovative, internal linking structures. Blogs should all form part of your SEO strategy. But note, we’re playing chess here, not checkers. So, creating a blog is all part of the long game – it takes time, consistency, and the relevant content to stand out! You can only reach long-term SEO success with continuous effort through fresh and constant content marketing. This way, you can maintain the relevance of your website. 

So if you need some inspiration for your business, connect with me for ideas, advice, and strategies. 

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