Communicating your higher calling – Featuring Chuck Garcia (Ep 46)

How well do you communicate your higher calling as a financial advisor?  Communication is an art form that starts when we seek to understand ourselves and those we are talking with.  Join us as we chat with master communicator Chuck Garcia who spent many years on Wall Street as well as leading communications for global companies like Bloomberg.  Chuck tells us how what happened on 9/11 changed his life and his journey as a mountaineer that helped him find understanding.


Chuck, Adam, and Derek chat about:

How you can’t change the circumstances in front of you, but you can change yourself

    • How most people don’t really understand “financial advice” and the importance of educating before advising
    • Slowing down to seek understanding and that you don’t have to agree, or get louder, to have an understanding
    • Communicate your higher calling as a financial advisor with your clients
    • Gratitude for life, experiences, and survival
    • And a lot more!


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